Walking With Each Other In Our Aliveness

Walking With Each Other In Our Aliveness
Share your wisdom. Stand in your truth. Act from your heart. If we compare what and where we are to each other, it takes away from the authenticity of our individual journeys. We need everyone at the table to bring their magic, their sorrows, their blind spots, laughter, and power.  Right where they are….from the viewpoint of their reality.  
We will always need people who’ve walked ahead and can see the bigger picture. The ones who’ve experienced and learned from life further along the road or even on a totally different road.  These are often the people who hold the space for us to clumsily navigate the unknown.  Because they sat in their truth, tended to their bumps and bruises, and gave themselves grace, they give permission for others to do the same.  
We need people who meet us where we are to witness and share empathy for the current reality. The people who “get us” and remind us of our humanness AND people who don’t get us so we can lean into ourselves even more.  It is an amazing check and balance system.  
We need the community who are where we once were or have never been…..because that is their journey and that is their truth.  Diversity opens our eyes and minds to possibility and an understanding that we all share in humanity with tender hearts yet walk very different paths.  It is all good. 
After all, “we are all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass.  
The big-picture perspective of the journey of life.  The wholeness of the collective human experience.  There will always be someone in a different phase than us. If we try to hide or dampen our reality and truths, we won’t ever have a different perspective to give us an understanding of growth, time, and healing. Comparing denies us our truth and the opportunity for developing our character and unique grit. Sharing our unique superpower makes this world an incredibly amazing place.  
Our timeline may at times appear hopeless. It will feel as if our healing hasn’t made a difference in our lives.  Go seek your community to witness the kaleidoscope of human evolution.  Observe yourself and others interacting with the world around them.  Extend grace to where you’ve been and find the flicker of hope in others who’ve walked the path before us.
So where ever you are on the path of life, personal growth, blooming, and healing, remember that there will always be someone just starting the path, someone right beside you, and the ones who have a broader perspective and can offer options, other possibilities, and realities because they’ve grown from the place you sit right now.  You are ALL of this and so is everyone else.  This is one of the gifts of our birth and death continuum. 
We need to remember this and lighten up a little.  It can be too easy to get caught up in the quest for enlightenment.  My favorite humans are the ones who can love, laugh, and sit with the landscape they’ve painted on their tragically beautiful pieces of art.  
With one hand reaching back and another reaching forward, we can walk with each other knowing we have a full circle of wisdom, strength, and hope to hold our ALIVENESS.  Honor yourself at this moment, right where you are.  Honor yourself, be fiercely tender, laugh with your clumsiness, give grace, stand in your truth, and act from your heart at this moment, right where you are today.  When you know differently, act differently.  And then…..reach out your hand…and open your heart….and laugh…….and dance……………and cry……and sing and so much more.   

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