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Discovering Life Again

 after the death of a spouse

rediscover | replenish | renewal

After experiencing such devastating change, we are overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused, to say the least.  The change, stress, and grief take an overwhelming toll on our health and well-being.  As we begin to pick up the pieces of our lives, the support of an understanding and encouraging community can make all the difference in our healing journey.

This is an intimate small group experience to discover and practice TOOLS to navigate this chapter in life and beyond.  By tending to your overall health and wellbeing you can begin to integrate new life while also experiencing deep grief and loss.  Together, our community will:

  • understand the impact of grief on the health of our WHOLE being
  • discover tools to support our wellbeing as we continue navigating this life-altering experience
  • understand our ability to reframe or rewire our response
  • practice stress management practices designed to calm, heal, and restore our nervous system
  • reveal personal desires for creating a new life with practices to support your next steps
  • witness each other’s pain, courage, grief, vulnerabilities, and strengths  
  • find inspiration, hope, and encouragement while supporting each other
  • receive support and guidance from a professional health educator and wellness coach

  Isolation, uncertainty, and additional life stress may have compounded the grief you are already processing. Together, we can take small steps toward nurturing our tired bodies, tender hearts, and chaotic minds.  

After something this life-altering happens, we are faced with 3 outcomes:

  1. Remain in the status quo of where we find ourselves
  2. A decline in health, how we live and cope
  3. Grow…..choose to re-discover, adjust, and re-create ourselves and our life.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, hard work, exciting, and inspiring. Now more than ever, we need tools to support our healing journey.  You are worth it!  After all, you’ve been through something life-altering and profound.


How do we take the past and present and begin to suggest a future? Even now, in the unknown? 



Together we tend to our grief, love, and memories while bringing them forward into our lives AND discovering new ways of living. Take the next step towards healing, nurturing, and replenishing your whole self. 

Informed by our past, living in the present, we look forward with hope while creating new life.  

  •  7 week live 75″ webinar delivered in the ZOOM format within a private online community
  • Starting Tuesdays, October 4th 2022 at EITHER 11:00 a.m MT or 5:30 p.m MT
  • Connect in a private online community during class. (not on Facebook)
  • $149 investment

*This is not a therapeutic support group.  It is professionally facilitated health and wellness education class taught by Marni Henderson B.S., credentialed Health Educator, Wellness Coach, and HeartMath Practitioner, who walks with others on the shared journey of love, loss, life, and death. (widowed 2013)

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Past participants are saying:

“After the grief group came to an end, I now understood my grief and wanted to find ways to keep living with some type of meaning. I was struggling to figure out how. After working with Marni, I feel I am a much stronger woman and realize that I can do this and have lots of life left to live.”

“You gracefully and metaphorically took my hand as I walked up the mountain while seeing the peaks, valleys, beauty and devastation. With skillful questions encouraging me to see different perspectives while also feeling the pain, AND the love and joy. This time encouraged me to embrace my life and live fully.”

“I now have tools to live this new life. I feel empowered and grateful for the woman I am today. The pain and sorrow still lives with me…..and I am aware of how to choose the way I engage with life. I can feel joy again and I now remember my forgotten passions of years ago!”

In this class we will:

  • Rediscover who we are today by honoring our past, exploring our present, and envisioning a hope-filled future
  • Learn stress management and coping skills to support the feeling of overwhelm
  • Explore appropriate physical movement based on YOUR body and healing journey
  • Replenish our mind, body, heart, and soul with a personal “whole being” wellness plan
  • Embrace the knowledge we’ve gained and use it to begin creating a new road map for re-imaging life
  • Use tools such as journaling, heart-brain science, creative expression, relaxation techniques, and group discussions to facilitate the process
  • Connect and witness others as we support our journey of growth and renewal

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Private sessions available in person and via video conference!

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