Fiercely Tender

Fiercely Tender

Your willingness to wake each day and approach life with what you have is an act of heroism. Look in the mirror and acknowledge yourself for the most simple and powerful action you can take— showing up as you.

All of you.

Right where you are:

— swimming in the ocean of your broken tender heart, floating on a cloud of joy bubbles, pounding fists into the cold earth strong enough to hold your injustice-filled anger, singing sweet harmonies while precious tears bless your skin, running wildly through the fields with tussled hair as you begin your next adventure, or tenderly rocking yourself to sleep wrapped in the familiar scent of your love.

All of it and none of it. Where you are with all of you right where you are— a blessing and whole woman.

It feels as if you’ve been shattered into a million pieces, and the world beneath has fallen away.

Yes. It is painfully true. The ones we dreamed forward with and the ones who share our past with have moved on without us. The potential for future memories is gone.

Standing in a foreign forest filled with trees of silence and the overflowing river carves a deep hollow void. It is as if half of ourselves has been lost and we have no idea how it happened. No preparation could teach us how to walk, breathe, see, or smell with only half of our senses.

When there is no other choice, and the unthinkable becomes a reality, the carving of our souls begins. The path of discovery beyond heartbreak is tragic, sacred, precious, breathtaking, exhausting, empowering, uncomfortable, liberating, and transformative.

When you find yourself standing in front of a mirror wondering who this woman is…..remember. It is easy to forget who we are when we have been carved of our hearts joy, our dreams, and our reality. That is okay. It takes a bit to catch our breath and readjust our vision.

You will remember. Keep breathing. Be here now.

As you rediscover and reclaim her, let the mirror whisper the truth. Allow the pause to be your cocoon.  Your wings are resting; they are not broken. You are a woman with wisdom navigating the fullness of life. You are healing. Take the time to feel the feels. Swim in your emotions long enough to let them inform you. Let the discomfort carve you and drive you towards transformation. Trust yourself to completely release and know that you will pull yourself back together.

You are breathing. Your heart loves deeply and therefore mourns deeply–– that is precious. Your tears are blessings. It takes courage to stop and rest. It takes courage to learn new things. It takes courage to try. You are brave to sit with and tend your heart. Releasing the flood of emotions, including anger, frustration, and joy is cleansing and healthy. You deserve compassion, patience, and space to heal at your own pace.

Self-love and gratitude must become a daily ritual. Honor the woman who stands before you in the mirror and looks into her eyes. Celebrate her willingness to show up and carry you forward into another day. Embrace her fears and victories, mistakes and successes, surrenders, and battles – all of it. It is what makes her whole, precious, out of this world, wildcrafted, and stunning. She is a force of nature with a magnificent heart that loves deeply. Embrace despair and sorrow for they are the consequences of passionate offering. Live with the pain but don’t live IN the pain forever.  Let it inform your wisdom but don’t let it harden your heart. That is dishonoring your power.  You have so much more to give.

Witness what tasks you face today that scare you and then honor your willingness to try…or say, “no thank you”, not today. Let go of what no longer serves the highest good of your soul. Wrap yourself in warm blankets surrounded by good books, supportive friends, a haircut, ice cream, extra naps, delicious food, and a good laugh. Feel nourished with sunshine, fresh air, music, art, blooming flowers, or whatever lights your soul. Every day, gather what you need to heal, grow, and bloom. Every night, offer gratitude, kindness, and appreciation for all that you have been.  And then bless yourself for everything you will face tomorrow while remembering the precious woman that looks back at you in the mirror. Tenderly, fiercely honor the truth of your soul.

Marni M. Henderson


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