Coalesce Journey℠

Coalesce Journey℠ is an experiential engagement to invoke the fullness of your body, mind, heart, and spirit.  Your personal journey is enhanced and expanded within a circle of like-minded women.  Together, we explore our whole being self in relationship to the world around us.  This is a unique opportunity to integrate evidence-based health information with the natural world, our deeply intuitive wisdom, and (w)holistic wellness concepts of living.

The fire was crackling as the moon danced overhead.  One by one, the women approached the flames and threw in a handful of doubts, burdens, and false stories that cluttered their minds.  While the moonlit sky gathered their offerings, the truths blossomed under a blanket of stars.

Together, they walked away feeling clear, whole, centered, and connected.  They shed the masks and shifted to their heart wisdom.  Willing to be carved once again, the tender vulnerability welcomed their ability to also be courageous and accountable.  Their actions made a powerful difference, and the fullness of reclaiming would ripple out into the lives of every person they met and beyond.

A Wholistic Approach To Reclaiming Ourselves

This is an experience to practice and integrate new information in live time. Once a month we gather to step away from the chaos, quiet the noise and recenter. Find common ground with experiences that lead us to our intuition and expand our ability to see the big picture of life.  Our group sessions will be in various indoor and outdoor settings. Experiences will include and are not limited to:

  • immersion in nature through the seasons and monthly moon/sun cycles
  • practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • group ceremonies, personal rituals, and soul journeys
  • engage the elements (earth, creatures, plants, water, fire, space, and air)
  • explore relationships to our environment, food, community, energy, and body
  • creative expression
  • guided and personally appropriate physical movement for strength and flexibility
  • develop relationships with our team of allies that support our highest good (seen and unseen!)
  • lots of magical moments…sprinkled with plenty of laughter, tears, hugs and so much more.

What does this all look like?

The Coalesce Journey blends your personal path with the support and community of a small circle of like-minded women.  Each month we meet together as a group to explore our whole being wellness in relation to the world around and within us.  In addition, you meet individually with me to focus on your specific goals and experiences.  Throughout this time, there is also access to a private online community just for our circle to share, connect and support each other along the way.  To complete the year-long cycle, we will spend a Friday night-Sunday afternoon weekend together (within 2 hours of Boise) to deepen, celebrate and honor our trip around the sun together!

  •  2- hour monthly group in-person session (we meet monthly)
  • 1:1 private monthly 60″ session with Marni (support, coaching, accountability, and guidance)
  • A private online community to connect in between our monthly gatherings
  • Coalesce Journey weekend retreat (Friday evening-Sunday afternoon)


  • Your time, commitment, and willing heart to honor yourself.
  • $147 monthly (can be set up on recurring payment, pay in full 10% discount $2000 or pay at private sessions)
  • Weekend retreat (additional )

 If I am unable to attend one of our dates, it will be rescheduled. Most group meetings will be outdoors and if inside, plenty of space between participants.

Questions?  I would love to chat!

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    Together we walk the wheel, one time around the sun, and discover how our wellbeing is connected and interdependent with:

    • The elements of space, fire, water, air, and earth
    • The seasons of summer, fall, winter, and spring
    • The aspects of being-mind, body, spirit, emotion
    • The environment within ourselves, relationships, and the world around
    • Movement, nourishment, and breath

    Design your personal tool kit to embolden and live from a place of whole-heartedness.

    Drink from the well of your heart and soul to nourish your body and mind.

    • Deepen the connection to our intuition, the natural world, and the unseen.
    • Movement, meditations, and breathing practices
    • Personal rituals and group ceremonies to honor and celebrate deeply meaningful moments
    • Integrate science, cycles of seasons, and experiences into our unique wisdom
    • Creative expression, journaling, immersion in nature, and so much more

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