Stop Fixing Each Other

Stop Fixing Each Other
Witnessing without fixing. Listening with a clear mind. Honoring the full experience of love – the beginning, middle, and the transition. The laughter, tears, anger, and joy, all of it. Because love never ends, it plants eternal roots in our hearts that continue to grow long after the experience fades.
How powerful an act of this- the act of pure presence to an expressive soul.
It is an honor to sit in a circle of women courageously exposing themselves. As they tenderly and fiercely navigate life after the death or loss of ……………………….(fill in the blank).
Mourning is sacred. Laughter is contagious.  Tears are a blessing.  All of this is a beautiful and profound human expression of love and living.
The journey of living while mourning is exquisitely – NORMAL. Please don’t try to fix it, label it or deny the experience for another or yourself. Yes – it is painful, exhausting, devastating, scary, and more.
And it is exciting, beautiful, precious, and empowering. Honestly- No words can articulate this journey.
Yet, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of our time. Of all the potential human rites of passage, we can expect to mourn and transform. Why do we shy away when we see ourselves and others in this space?
For every person, it is a unique process and an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves and life than we ever imagined.  Sometimes we completely fall apart into oblivion before we ever have the thought to begin healing. And that is ok-
It started in love-
It continues in love.
But who said love was easy? Big love holds everything life can imagine- and that is the heart-aching consequence. How would you do it any differently? We can’t separate life into selective segments.  
Don’t take that away from another-
We don’t fix joy, we don’t fix elation in new beginnings, we don’t fix the ecstatic bliss of a newborn baby.
Let’s stop fixing love and mourning.
Witness without fixing. Listen with a clear mind. Honor their ability to fully experience the consequence of their actions: loving another. Be purely present.  Turn off the voices in your mind and listen with your heart.
Because this is a human experience. It is deeply nourishing to connect with each other in the authentic flow of life. We can ride the wave in all tides – alone and together- maybe even high-fiving, hugging, or connecting eyes as we pass each other.
We all experience love and we all experience grief. Breathe into the fullness and trust our wisdom to navigate it all.

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