Are You Ready For A Soul Tune Retreat?

Are You Ready For A Soul Tune Retreat?

Are you ready for a nourishing and magical WHOLE SELF WELLNESS retreat on a magical, private, and all-inclusive island resort in Belize?

The last year has pushed the limits of our health and wellbeing. We’ve had reality-busting moments one after another pushing our health, stress levels, and copings skills to new levels. Our routines have adjusted and readjusted many times.

We are due for a holistic wellness tune-up!

Saint Georges Caye Resort, Belize, Central America

When life changes bring stress, heartache, and grief, it can leave us feeling lost, hopeless, exhausted and without a clear purpose. There comes a time when we are ready to create a new life and integrate our past experiences into a hope-filled future.

Slow your mind, relax your body, and expand your heart on this soul-satisfying adventure.  Allow yourself to rest, replenish, restore and recharge at St.George’s Caye Resort.

Join Wholistic Health and Wellness Practitioner, Marni Henderson, for a unique wellness experience at St. George’s Caye Resort!  She passionately guides others to gain a better understanding of how to rebuild their overall health and well-being from the inside out!  Her integrated approach brings together the parts of you (spirit, emotions, mind, body) to create a whole-istic pathway for your life.

Explore the relationship between your mind, emotions, body, and spirit where life may serve as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. The week is filled with mindfulness practices, purposeful movement, guided group activities, personal discovery, creative expression, magical ceremonies and celebrations, goal setting and so much more!  Enable yourself to journey through life changes while nurturing, healing, and growing (in mind, body, and spirit) AND living a deeply meaningful life!

This retreat is for you:

  • Ready to rebuild life when reality has been shattered by major life changes such as divorce, death, a new phase of life, health, new purpose and ……?
  • Transitioning into a new phase of life.
  • Life, caregiver and professional burnout!

It is time to make self-care and wellness a priority!

  • Allow yourself to be nurtured so that you can focus on YOU!
  • Practice confidence in real-time with a group of women who will witness, honor, and celebrate YOU!
  • Find your voice to reconnect with your inner self and redefine/set your intentions for a fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected.
  • Reclaim your worth, joy, confidence and purpose.
  • Drop out of “normal life” for a period, pause your daily routines, and step away from the hustle to find inspiration.
  • Return home refreshed with new perspectives, fresh eyes.
  • Get back in touch with your natural rhythms and whole-hearted nature.
  • And so much more that can’t be described in words!

St. George’s is the ideal location for a WHOLE SELF wellness retreat!  Restore yourself in beauty while finding peace and clarity for the mind, balance and ease in spirit, and return home feeling more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve been in a very long time!

Register now to secure one of only 3 spots available!  Say yes to your future self.  Find all the details at:

See you there,

Marni 🙂

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