WHO should come to Belize?

WHO should come to Belize?

Who?  Discover Your Life Again is for anyone who has experienced loss in their lives.  Loss is expressed through grief.  Grief is a consequence of love.  Love of our partner, a parent, a child, a sibling or a close friend.  Death of someone we love can be devastating and overwhelming.  Actually, I find there are no words to completely describe the experience.

Hopefully we are surrounded by other loved ones, counseling and grief support groups and find the resources we need to navigate the deeply painful journey of grief.  This is such an important part of the grieving process.

And then, there will come a time, maybe months or years, that we realize our grief has become a way of living.  We continue to try and re-create the life we once had or function as the person we were.  But-as life changed, we did too.  We get stuck trying to recreate something that no longer is….

Our future dreams were washed away and we may not know how to dream forward anymore.  We CAN learn how.  We CAN create new life and new dreams.

The reality is, loss is a natural part of life.  We will all die.  How do we choose to spend the time we have here?  How do we pick up the pieces of our shattered self and create a life with all we are NOW?  We are actually so much more, we’ve survived an unimaginable loss and are still standing here to read this. We are filled with hope, deep wisdom and courage.

That is what Discover Your Life Again is about.  Creating a life where we can live fully after loss.  A life that honors our loved ones.  A life where we continue to LIVE the LOVE that will forever connect us to those we miss.

Discover Your Life Again is about sharing this journey with a small group of people for a week.  Walking through the steps of creating life after loss while experiencing the natural wonders of Belize.  Creating meaningful and supporting relationships with others who understand loss AND will also champion your desire to step into new life.

Allow the natural world to not only soothe your tender heart but also ignite your wise guide inside!  Spend time in a local Belize school while connecting in our common humanity. Daily local fresh cooked food will nourish your body after awakening to gentle yoga on the beach.  These are just a few of the ways we will begin our adventure together.  Join us……


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