Invitation To Pause

Invitation To Pause

Amongst the hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year, I invite you to take a pause.

Breathe and then breathe again.


And then if you choose to, I invite you to reflect on the past events of this year that created who and where you are today.

Were there major events that changed your life in dramatic ways? Was it a year of steadiness and maybe even replenishment? Do you feel exhausted and counting down the days to January first just to have a “restart” moment? Or maybe there are some celebrations that have brought your life excitement, energy and new focus? What types of loss have you experienced?
In this moment of pause, honor and witness the journey you’ve endeavored over the past year of 2019. Bring into your awareness what you’ve lost or gained and the impact on your life.

And then, recognize how you’ve responded. How have you grown or what skills did you use to navigate the ebbs and flows? What worked…. what didn’t? Are there new skills you would like to learn, make disappear or keep?

Finally, I invite you to sit back and look at all these moments with your heart. Take a step back and offer not only the loved ones in your life, but mostly, offer deep gratitude for yourself. For all that you are and continue to be. Give yourself a high fives to celebrate AND mourning moments of sorrow. Celebrate both the peaks and valleys. Give acknowledgement to your joy and pain. You are all of it. Learn from it. Swim in it. And then…. make a choice on how you will engage all this information when it circles back around next year.

Breathe. With this perspective, we will become conscious of the BIG picture of our life. Not just the high or low points. Include the many small decisions, actions and moments in between. That is where our patterns and behaviors are constantly working. Know that in general, humans are all trying their best to manage life with their own personal skillset. We understand our lives in relationship to our reality, culture and understandings. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt also gives ourselves some grace and patience.

Create some type of acknowledgement of the past, present and future with a personal ritual. Let what no longer serves you go. Take the wisdom with you. Make a conscious effort to then lay out how you want to do things differently.  When we are aware of the past and present, we can make changes to our future actions.  What future will you propose for 2020?

Each of us makes a difference every day with our actions, words and presences. I often forget how impactful even the simplest actions are to not only myself, but those around me. Sometimes we may never know the impact we have which is even more reason to be present and mindful with ourselves and others. Or the small actions…the choosing to make time for well, time, presence. The most meaningful act we share with each other.  Your actions make a difference.  It is the smallest and consistent actions that lead to the bigger changes.  YOUR ACTIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

But let’s remember this………each of us are navigating a personal journey with the flow of life. Behind each of our faces is a heart that yearns to connect with others and be loved. And within each heart, we are all experiencing some type of loss, heartache, joy, excitement or challenge. Continuously, our lives are changing and so are we. So be kind to yourself, embrace your worth and wisdom, losses and gains and continue to discover life with wonder.

As we honor the past, we bring awareness to the present and create our future.  Let your magic shine on and raise your glass to celebrate those no longer with us. Invite the pause to bring playful curiosity, an open mind and courageous hearts forward into 2020!

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