First Steps In The “Soft Opening”

First Steps In The “Soft Opening”

Here we are….May 2020. Our lives have been completely altered.  Some more than others and in totally different ways.  Many states are beginning the process of “soft opening” into local communities.  Now what?

How do we continue to adjust to new realities and live with the unknown? 

One step at a time with lots of self care and flexibility!  

Anytime we experience big change, it creates stress which affects both our body and mind.  Even if the change is good. Right now is the time to observe how you’ve responded to the massive amounts of change, new realities, adjustments and the unknown.  You may not realize it, because you have settled into a new routine, but how we’ve handled the stress in the past makes a big difference on our well being moving forward. This is the perfect time to take inventory and look at the big picture of how we handle stress, how our lives have changed and then figure out next steps.   

  1. Know that there is a value in stepping away from your day to day routine.  Take a breath, give yourself some space and gain perspective on everything you’ve gone through. This is why change of scenery whether by day trip, weekend getaway or longer and near or far is so important to our big picture perspective on life.  
  2. Take inventory and recognize where you are at today. What has changed? Are there parts that no longer fit? What about the pieces of your life that you missed? Bring awareness to what is going on in your new reality today. It may even help to make a list of:
    1. What works, what has helped me cope and thrive?
    2. What no longer works, this can be surprising sometimes, what don’t I need anymore? .  
  3. Making this list does not hold you to anything. You’re simply acknowledging how things have changed or not.  Information!
  4. Now that you’ve taken inventory. Is there anything that has brought more joy and happiness?  Less stress, more time? Take some time to look through your lists.  
  5. Pick one or two that you can focus on. That is your GOAL. Write it down. Make it a priority! 
  6. Find ways to incorporate these new pieces of your life while moving forward with the new normal. Along the way, make adjustments and tweaks to how the new pieces are fitting into your life.  

Through all of this process, know that making changes and integrating them into your life takes energy.  Keeping your written goal somewhere you see it daily will keep you focused on the process, always making note of what works or doesn’t.  

Finally, remember to make relaxation and replenishment a part of your new plan. Remember the part of change, even good change, that taxes our body and mind?  Like a race car, we too need maintenance to keep healthy!  Whatever it is that brings playful joy into your life – sunshine, exercise, meditation, time in nature, a favorite hobby – make it part of your daily routine!  

Putting all the new pieces together will take some time and can be exciting, challenging and uncomfortable.  However you choose to bring this new information into your life, make sure to keep your mind and body healthy by practicing daily self care.  When the time comes for us to face both external and internal personal changes, we will already have the energy and tools to navigate step 1 once again!  We will continue to gain further clarity in our lives, how we are living and most importantly have the energy and health to make those changes!  

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