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Carry On
Carry On

And so we begin another year of this precious life journey. If you are breathing, you are still navigating the ebbs and flows of the unknown.  Cheers! As a romantic optimist, I would say that we are all doing the best we can with what we have, until we know better.  There is a lot

Navigating The Holidays While Grieving
Navigating The Holidays While Grieving

  Tips for Navigating the Holidays While Grieving – Centering Grief Resources The original post from Centering Grief Resources 2020 Updated:   12/2021 That time of year is peeking around the corner. Holidays. Although created as times of festivity to honor significant dates, people...

Fiercely Tender
Fiercely Tender

Your willingness to wake each day and approach life with what you have is an act of heroism. Look in the mirror and acknowledge yourself for the most simple and powerful action you can take— showing up as you. All of you. Right where you are: — swimming in the ocean of your broken tender


This journey of losing my spouse, taking care of every day business and moving forward in my life has been one of the most emotional, mental and spiritual challenges I’ve experienced. I also have had many blessings along this road, Marni Henderson being one of my bigger blessings. Marni in wise, understanding, calm and has the skill, compassion and heart to listen and meet you where you are gracefully and metaphorically take your hand walk with you up the path to the top of the mountain assisting you to see the peaks and valleys the beauty and the devastation while skillfully intuitively asking  questions encouraging you to look from different perspectives, feel deeper the pain the fear the loss the love the joy while skillfully assisting encouraging and challenging me to embrace my life and live fully.


Working with Marni has offered an incredible sense of reawakening. Her gentle guidance and healing support helped me to once again illuminate a path I had lost among all the chaos of life. Not only did Marni invite me explore aspects of every day life, but she also allowed for the opportunity to look deeper in my soul for the path of least resistance. My soul is once again rejuvenated and looking for expansion.


My experience with Marni as Life Reentry coach is almost impossible for me to put into words but I will try. After losing my husband of 46 years I felt like a lost soul. I decided I had to get some help for myself because I did not know how to go on without him. Even though I had lots of family and friends to support me, someone does not know the unbearable pain unless they have experienced it personally. I decided to attend grief groups, and I did that for about a year. But when they came to an end and I had been given the tools of how to deal with my grief, the next step was how to pick up the pieces and go on with my life without him. I was struggling to figure out how to begin that journey. I feel that I am becoming a much stronger woman and she has brought that out in me. She has definitely made me realize that I can do this, and I still have lots of life left to live.


Marni Henderson was my personal trainer for 2+ years. Marni helped finesse my body into a fantastic level of fitness. She always put safety first, was always watching to adjust weight lifting form and hydration. Marni has great professional traits; she can listen and understand her clients, she is organized, she came with a prepared and thoughtful workout individualized just for me, and Marni is full of positive energy and cheerfulness. Marni was dedicated to helping me become my best self and I"m sure she'd do the same for you.

J. S.

Marni went above and beyond "Marni is very professional. She took the time to ask question and really listen to my needs. She did a lot of research, gave me advice and questions to ask my doctor, like if I was taking certain medications and supplements to help my thyroid trouble. I would highly recommend Marni.


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